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The Chaos Stories

The Gods must be crazy (78 kb)
Pairing: Joxer/?
Raiting: R
When the God's complain about their duties, Zeus decides to teach them a lesson. Chaos erupts, 
and Joxer and the fabulous four are in the middle of it.

 How Joxer Got Mjau  (36 kb)
Rating: R, but only for a bad word.
Pairing: Joxer/Ares
A Valentine treat. The true story how Joxer got Mjau.

Complete Chaos (105 kb)
Pairing: Joxer/Ares, Cupid/ Strife
Raiting: NC-17
Sequel to The Gods Must Be Crazy. The Chaos stone is bored…

Countdown to Chaos ( 75 kb)
Pairing: Joxer/ Ares; Cupid/ Strife
Raiting: PG-13?
The third part in the Chaos series. The countdown has begun... Ares battles Joxer's food cravings, 
olympian plotting, and his own mental meltdown.

Chaos in Corinth  (215 kb)
Pairing: Joxer/ Ares; Cupid/ Strife
Raiting: NC-17
Sequel to Countdown to Chaos. In which the Chaos stone is still bored, several gods are a bit pissed of and Ares and Joxer is looking for a nanny.

Scorpio's Hera's curse AU

Scorpio's challenge

Scorpio once posted a fun challenge at the AJCS mailing list. She wanted stories she could read to her son and 
created this cute little AU in the shape of a challenge. I don't think Scorpio herself ever written anything in this AU,
 but it's hers and only hers! I do know of at least one other story in this AU though, you can find it 
at Scorpio's Constellation of Fanfic , look after her challenge page. I recommend you read through Scorpio's 
challenge before you read. 

And now, My stories!

Baby's Day Out (20 kb)
Pairing: Mentions of S/C
Raiting: G
Recess tries to find out something very important.

Can I Keep Him? (53 kb)
Pairing:  S/C
Raiting: PG?
Bliss and Recess takes a little trip...

Jumping High   (25  kb)
Pairing: Mentions of S/C
Raiting: PG?
Sometimes rivalry can be inherited. Bliss and Evander didn't like each other even before they 
met. An Xena/ Astrid Lindgren crossover... Just read the author notes at the end. ;)

The Deal (27 kb)
Pairing:  S/C
Raiting: G
Getting a new sibling isn't always easy, even if you are the God of Happiness.

Due to my Kitchen Sink muse:

Kitchen Sink Muse! ;)

A collection of short stories who all came to me when I was doing the dishes.

Joxer the Mighty (14,6 kb)
Pairing: Just Joxer
Raiting: G
Joxer looks back.

Solitude (11 kb)
Pairing: A/J
Raiting: R
Ares, just slightly pissed off.
Song fic.

Mother Love (11 kb)
Pairing: None
Raiting: G
Eris has to make a choice.

Double Egged (6 kb)
Pairing: None
Raiting: PG-13
Strife thinks about daggers.

One liners

A Treasured Quality  ( 7 kb)
Pairing: J/A, Other
Raiting: G
Just a short answer to a challenge on the Joxerotica mailing list. It's a crossover. Who's telling the story?

Not Your Average Girl Next Door ( 44,5 kb)
Pairing: Cupid/ Strife
Raiting: NC-17
A Valentine treat. The true story about Cupid and Psyche.

  Dental Work (19 kb)
Pairing: J/A
Raiting: G
A short story. Who invented dentistry? The Gods on Olympus are bored...  You can blame this 
plot bunny on Scorpio... But only the bunny, I take full responsibility for the fic.
I Chose the Road Less Traveled By and Now Where the Heck Am I?
Pairing: Joxer/Strife(67 kb)
Raiting: NC-17
Strife ends up old and mortal after he gets in the way of one of Aphrodite's pranks. Can Xena, 
Gabby and Joxer help him get to Athens?

  Revealing the Masquerade (335 kb)
Pairing: J/A, S/C,
Raiting: NC-17
Something is threatening Olympus. Can Ares with some help from friends and enemies save 
the world? And why does Joxer insist on being called Jox?

A Domestic Conversation( 6 kb)
Pairing:  S/C
Raiting: PG-13
This is a little fic I wrote for Christine to cheer her up a bit. It's so small, I'm not sure I can call 
it a fic. But Christine thought it was funny... Strife is about to figure something out.



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